It’s a winter evening with clear skies and stars are twinkling in the sky. In the distance you can see big bursts of glitter in the sky, “fireworks!” you exclaim.

Bonfire night, it’s one of the most fun nights of the year. Fireworks, Bonfires, candyfloss and funfairs, it’s easy to get lost in all the fun and forget about being safe. These 5 tips will help you to stay safe during Bonfire night and will make sure the fun lasts the whole evening.. Adults should be responsible for the Bonfire and fireworks. They must make sure to cordon off the area where the fireworks and bonfires will be situated. It’s best to choose a site away from wooden fences, food stalls and where children will be playing.

  1. Make sure your audience is well away from the Bonfire and fireworks. Everyone should watch and enjoy fireworks at a safe distance (at least 25 metres). Children should be supervised at all times while attending the event.
  2. Take care when lighting the fire. Make sure that there are no sleeping animals hidden in amongst the branches of the Bonfire. Never use paraffin or petrol on a Bonfire – it’s much safer to use firelighters. Make sure you have a torch, buckets of water, eye protection, gloves and a bucket of soft earth to put fireworks in.
  3. Everyone loves sparklers. Enjoy them safely by lighting them in an open space that’s not too windy. Make sure that everyone holding sparklers is wearing gloves and holds the sparkler horizontally, and as far away from their face and body as possible. When the sparkler finishes burning, put it in a bucket of water to cool down.
  4. After the party, pour water on the remainder of the Bonfire instead of leaving it to burn out. Make sure that you haven’t left any unlit fireworks lying around.

Following these tips will make your Bonfire Night a happy and safe experience.

If a bonfire does get out of control, don’t attempt to tackle it yourself – call 999.