Governors play a vital role in improving education and ensuring every child has the opportunity to meet their potential. There are thousands of school governor vacancies across England and Wales, and Governors for Schools works with partners to fill them with skilled, committed individuals. 

What do governors do? 

School governors work together to set the strategic direction of a school. They ask challenging questions to dig down into the areas where schools need to improve, using solid evidence to deliver informed support. In so doing, governors work with senior leadership to help the school thrive. 

How will my people benefit? 

Those who volunteer as school governors are encouraged to apply their existing skills to a different sector, while developing their knowledge in new areas. Governors are involved in activities such as assessing data, reviewing school performance, and developing stronger policies, providing them with experiences they can take back to the workplace. They’ll also hone their soft skills such as negotiation, leadership, and communication. In addition, governors have opportunities to broaden their networks and serve as ambassadors for your organisation in the wider community. 

What next? 

We hold regular webinars introducing the role of school governors and the support we provide. Please encourage your employees to sign up and spread the word among colleagues and friends. We also recommend directing people interested in becoming governors to our volunteer pages, where they can read more about the role and apply online.