Governors for Schools launches digital campaign ‘Governor Stories’ to encourage diversity on school governing boards and drive school governor recruitment across England

  • Governor Stories, Governors for Schools’ latest digital campaign, features real volunteers talking about their experiences as school governors
  • The campaign aims to break down the stereotypes of school governors by championing the diversity amongst volunteers
  • 32 portraits and 6 videos are featured in the campaign which aims to recruit more volunteers for the thousands of governor vacancies across England, by showing people that governors are just like them

London, 3rd September 2018. Educational charity Governors for Schools has today launched a digital campaign that celebrates the range of people who can contribute to school governance.

Featuring 32 volunteers from across England, Governor Stories aims to challenge the school governor stereotype and encourage skilled people who may not consider themselves suitable for the role to apply – and start writing their own governor story.

The charity has collected portraits of each volunteer along with their story, asking how they became governors and what the role means to them. The results are a sensitive, real, and inclusive insight into why school governance is worthwhile.

The campaign demonstrates that there is no one type of governor. Governors come from a variety of backgrounds, have varied interests and different skillsets, but what unites them is a desire to improve outcomes for children and their community through the donation of their time and skills. While the role undoubtedly comes with challenges, Governors for Schools has found that 86% of volunteers enjoy their role as a governor, which shines through each governor story.

In conjunction with the campaign, the charity is hosting regional events calling for businesses to make supporting school governance part of their employee development strategy. Employees gain board-level experience they can take back to the workplace by setting the strategic direction for the school and developing leadership skills. Schools benefit from an objective and skilled governing board while developing links with businesses to support students, and the future workforce.

Louise Cooper, CEO of Governors for Schools, said: “Breaking down stereotypes and challenging preconceptions of what people think school governors are is vital in encouraging diversity on governing boards. Different viewpoints and skills bring the challenge governing boards need, which in turn provides more rigorous debate in making difficult decisions and ensuring effective governance.

“Last year, 31% of volunteers we placed were from a BAME background, and 56% were under the age of 45. Governor Stories highlights the fact that governors aren’t always who you think they are, but that they all offer invaluable input to their schools and community.”

About Governors for Schools

Governors for Schools exists to improve educational standards so that children and young people have the chance to realise their full potential. We believe the key to improving school performance is effective governance. By finding, nurturing and supporting a committed network of governors we help drive systematic change in how schools operate and since 1999, we have been connecting school across England with skilled and committed volunteers.

Over the last five years, Governors for Schools has placed over 11,600 volunteers in schools. Our recent survey found that 9 out of 10 volunteers placed in the last four years are still governors.

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