Governors for Schools is an education charity that places a diverse range of volunteers on school boards across England and Wales. There are currently thousands of vacancies across England and Wales, particularly in areas of disadvantage. We work hard to address these gaps to ensure young people across the country receive the high-quality education they deserve.

What we do

We support talented and committed volunteers to take on board roles. You will use your expertise to support schools and develop new ones, getting involved in activities such as headteacher appraisal, monitoring data, and assessing wellbeing. We provide ongoing support, including regular webinars, in-depth eLearning modules, and a year’s access to GovernorHub, equipping you with the skills and knowhow you need to thrive in the role.

Skills you’ll develop

Our professional development research shows that governors report strong development in transferrable skills such as financial planning, performance analysis, and flexibility. Many of the attributes and soft skills developed in the governor role are associated with high-level management and leadership roles, equipping volunteers with the tools they need to realise their career ambitions.

Here are just a few quotes from previous volunteers who’ve developed their professional skills through governance:

“There are several ways I’ve been able to take my workplace skills into governance, and vice versa. For example, the recruitment process for the headteacher really honed in on skills around conducting and participating in job interviews. Working in a bank as long as I have, it’s been good to see how other people run meetings, and I’ve definitely taken some of what I’ve learned into the workplace. The board are currently reviewing the school mission statement and ethos, and considering the importance of institutional culture has been really beneficial to my current job role at the bank.”

“Although I wasn’t expecting to become chair of a committee so soon, the opportunity came up after a year and I decided to go for it. Chairing the finance committee has been fantastic, and played really well in my professional career. I wanted to be more involved with my company’s stores, and now I get to chair a roundtable to hear opinions from colleagues all across the country. This was a forum I set up, and I don’t think I would have been able to convince my boss this was a good idea if I hadn’t had more chairing experience from my time in governance. It’s been a great transfer of skills.”

Next steps

Interested in making a difference while developing your professional and soft skills? Governors for Schools holds regular introductory webinars to help potential volunteers learn more about the governance role. All are welcome, so don’t hesitate to sign up today. If you’re ready to get started, you can also apply online. Once you’ve submitted an application, our friendly partnerships managers will work with you to find the perfect volunteering position.