The Trustee Recruitment Service

The Trustee Recruitment Service (TRS) was created in 2022 to respond to the government’s drive for all schools to join trusts. We work closely with academy trusts to find them the perfect trustee(s) that’ll make a difference to their trust.

TRS is a specialist arm of Governors for Schools, a charity which works to source school governors for governing board roles in educational institutions. As an organisation, we’re pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to address recruitment gaps for academy trustees. In addition, we strive to help improve educational standards across trusts through our work. Our experience within the sector means that we understand that as more schools come together, the need for skilled and committed academy trustees continues to grow.

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A message from our CEO

Our Trustee Recruitment Service is experienced in supporting trusts across England to find people with the skills, experience and breadth of perspectives required. Our dedicated team will work with you to fully understand your needs and source volunteers of the high calibre essential to meet those requirements. We recognise that succession planning is key for these vital roles. Therefore, lease do get in touch today to discuss your current and future needs. We’d love to work with you.

Hannah Stolton, CEO, Governors for Schools

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