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Governors for Schools finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors and trustees on school and academy boards.

We support schools across England and Wales to run effectively by finding high calibre governors to bring their skills and expertise to the table – and improve education for children.

School governors play a vital role in education.

The governing board plans the strategic direction of a school, makes sure public money is well spent, and holds school leadership to account.

A strong governing board ensures robust debate, which in turn leads to better educational outcomes for children.

Whatever your professional background, your skills could transform a school.

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Is teacher workload a wellbeing issue – and how can governors help? 

Teacher workload has been a problem for years, contributing to stress and playing a role in driving people out of the profession. The pandemic has changed some workload patterns – at times even reducing it – but it’s still unclear whether any of these changes will become…

Governors for Schools and TAP partner to champion Staff Wellbeing

Governors for Schools and TAP (Thank and Praise) are joining forces to highlight the importance of school staff’s mental health and wellbeing.    TAP, the free-to-use social thanking platform, is partnering with Governors for Schools, a national education charity that finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors on school…

A case for remote governance and ‘blended’ boards of governors

Editor’s note: this article is longer than our usual posts but we wanted to include a diverse set of opinions and perspectives on the concept. Remote governance, or flexi-governance, is a model of school governance that allows for at least a minority of board members to attend meetings remotely.