Registration process – Becoming an academy trustee

Becoming an academy trustee is simple with the Trustee Recruitment Service.

Once we receive your registration, we’ll be in touch to help organise a call for you with one of our experienced advisers. During this call, which typically lasts 45 minutes, the adviser will discuss with you your past experiences, skills, and knowledge, as well as checking suitability for the current roles we have available.

Once we have established a potentially suitable match for you – based on skills, location, phase (e.g., primary or secondary), ethos, and other factors – we’ll share the details with you for review and confirmation of interest.

If you’re happy to go forward, we’ll share your expression of interest and application with the trust for consideration. Should the Trust want to proceed with your application, we’ll organise a direct introduction between you and the nominated trust lead and, from that point onwards, you will liaise directly with the trust, including references and necessary checks and induction.

We’d advise you have a read through our website about the role of an academy trustee to make sure you understand what the role entails ahead of these calls.

How long the process takes

How long the process takes is very much dependent on a variety of factors. These include your location, skills, and the kind of trust you’re hoping to support. Sometimes the process can move really quickly and introductions occur soon after the initial call with our Adviser, but there can be a wait while we work to identify a good match for you. We’ll keep in touch to let you know how things are going and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Appointments and all associated steps related to the formal process are the responsibility of the trust.

How long you will be in office and DBS checks

How long you will be in office is dependent on the trust and opportunity. Typically however, you’ll be in office for four years.

All appointed candidates will be subject to background checks (DBS) and references. This is due to the nature of the role, and potential contact with young and/or vulnerable people.

Induction, training and onboarding

The trust is responsible for ensuring you are fully inducted. They make sure you have all of the correct documents, data and information to begin your new role, as well as receive any relevant training.

If you find you don’t receive this quickly, it’s a good idea to raise this with the governance lead. This ensures you receive the appropriate information. You’ll also be given some helpful induction modules and training materials through GfS’ Trustee Recruitment Service. This however is intended to support, rather than replace, that provided by the Trust.

Benefits of becoming an academy trustee

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