What are the benefits of becoming a trustee?

Academy Trustees are vital within the educational landscape and there are many benefits to becoming an academy trustee. Firstly, being an academy trustee provides a great opportunity to develop experience in strategic decision-making at senior level which, in turn, will help you advance in your career.

Secondly, getting involved in a trust also provides academy trustees with personal development opportunities, allowing you to not only gain experience, but also improve your skills in a variety of areas.

Additionally, you’ll demonstrate your ability to perform in a non-executive position as part of a portfolio career. It is important to note however that all these roles are pro bono.

This short video from the National Governance Association, showcases well the benefits of becoming an academy trustee.

What difference will you make?

Becoming an academy trustee gives you the chance to work to improve young people’s life chances and you are able to…

  • Use your lived experience and skills to bring a new perspective to the table, therefore enriching a governing board.
  • Hold executive teams to account, which allows pupils to receive the education they need to thrive within a school environment.
  • Ensure that voices from many different groups and communities are represented, and that voices from groups which may often struggle to be heard within education are involved in the conversation.
  • Make sure a difference is being made in and for your local community.
  • Build professional networks and gain new skills, allowing you to bring even more to the board.

The role of an academy trustee

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The process of becoming an academy trustee

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