Find a trustee that’s right for you – Our Process

When you register an academy trust vacancy with us, we work with you to find the right academy trustee for your vacancy. Our process has six stages: 

  1. A call for your trust Chair with one of our experienced expert advisers so that we fully understand your requirement. 
  2. The preparation of a role description, finalising your requirements. 
  3. An extensive search for suitable volunteers for your role which will include: A search within our current database of volunteers, using advertising and other databases to headhunt a suitable volunteer for your role, and working with our partner organisations and networks to source a volunteer. While we have myriad tools to help find the right person, we may only use the most appropriate for your need, location and/or skills requirement. 
  4. An interview with all shortlisted volunteers to ensure we understand their skills, knowledge, expertise, and motivations. The adviser also uses this time to ensure they understand the commitment required. 
  5. Sharing the profile of the best candidate for your academy trustee role. 
  6. Making an introduction to the volunteer(s) once you confirm mutual interest in their profile for your vacancy.

After this stage, you are free to engage directly with the volunteer by whatever means is most suitable for all parties. If the volunteer does not meet your needs following this direct introduction, we’ll seek to understand any issues with that match. We’ll then seek to repeat the search on your behalf. 

Detailing the process

Following receipt of your recruitment requirements, we’ll organise a call for your trust Chair with one of our experienced expert advisers – this will depend on mutual availability and we will share our diary booking system with you to identify a suitable time. Please note that we must have the trust Chair and/or Member on this initial call.

While it’s fine for members of the trust executive to attend, the process must be led and owned by the Chair or Member, or a designated nominee from the board. Where more than one person from the trust is joining the call, please advise the Trustee Recruitment Service team in advance so we can assist with conferencing facilities.

After the initial call

Our Adviser will finalise your requirements after this call and immediately commence a search for suitable volunteers. We will look at meeting your specific requirements and parameters.

We’ll share the CV of one candidate per listed role, for the Chair/Member’s review. Please note, in line with recruitment law we will share the candidate who is the best match based on skills and experience. We’ll share one candidate per role listed and will not share further candidate CVs until we have feedback on each individual shared.

Trusts must not directly approach candidates, even where contact information is visible on a CV/profile summary; should the trust wish to proceed to direct introduction, please notify the Trustee Recruitment Service team and this introduction will normally follow very swiftly.

After this stage, you are free to engage directly with the volunteer by whatever means is most suitable for all parties. Please keep the Trustee Recruitment Service updated on all progress and potential/planned appointments.

How long will the process take to find a trustee?

Many variables may contribute to the timing and timeline of the recruitment process.

Depending on your requirements, the specifics of your skills focus, your location, and internal deadlines and availability, we may be able to identify a suitable match immediately for you to interview and progress. Every case is different, however, and we deliver a bespoke process to suit your circumstances.

In some instances, a low level of interest in roles means that we may need to try multiple approaches in order to identify a good candidate for your review. Our team will update you throughout the process and ensure you have visibility on the latest status.

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