Join the team – Working at Governors for Schools

We’re a small charity making a big impact, supporting over 2,000 volunteers onto school boards across England and Wales in the last year.

Our people are especially passionate and driven with a commitment to improve school standards. Join us and you’ll be rewarded with flexible working, professional development in addition to the opportunity to make a real difference.

We’re committed to employing a diverse workforce. Diverse organisations are more effective and we value different experiences and backgrounds. We welcome applications from people with experience outside of the charity and education sectors, who can demonstrate our values and a passion for improving education.

Current vacancies at Governors for Schools

No current vacancies 

Our impact and aspirations

Across England and Wales, the school governance sector consists of 200,000 skilled, knowledgeable and passionate volunteers. At Governors for Schools, we’re privileged to work with – and for – those volunteers. We know that above all, together, we can make an impact on the education sector.

Through our specialist role in governance recruitment, we’ve therefore developed 5 key aspirations for the sector. These aspirations will ensure schools have the people, knowledge and focus they need to flourish and you can find out more on our impact and aspirations page.

You can also read our five-year impact report to find out more about our impact at Governors for Schools.

Hear from people who work with us at Governors for Schools

Raheem Pillay, Impact and Training Coordinator

Having flexible working hours has been really beneficial to me so that I can easily balance my personal and professional life. It allows me to take time when I need it and as long as I work the hours everyone’s happy. I’ve found this to be a real benefit of working here especially during the last 2 years.

HEKA has also been an extremely convenient service, One of the options I use is the mindful chef which allows me to order healthy ready made meals. It helps me to look after myself.’

Loren Nadin, Senior Partnerships Manager – South

One of the things I love about working here is that there is enough autonomy to be able to innovate and try new things, yet enough support to flourish. I learn best by getting stuck in and by working in a collaborative environment where challenges and ideas can be discussed – I get the opportunity for both of those in abundance at GfS!

Julie Thiberg, Head of Charity Development

When I started with Governors for Schools, I was thrilled to have found an organisation who truly understands the importance of work-life balance. I love that I can be with my children in those special moments (school plays, science competitions etc.) knowing that my employer supports me all the way, and I can return to my desk feeling positive and motivated.