Our impact survey found that…

  • GfS governors bring £9.9m of value to schools each year.
  • 9/10 volunteers would recommend being a governor to a friend.
  • Volunteers spend an average of 6.7 hours a month spent on governing duties.
  • 9/10 schools would recommend Governors for Schools.
  • 85% of schools surveyed still have GfS governors in post.
  • 96% of schools said GfS governors are as skilled as, or better than other governors.






How do school governors make an impact?

Our reports

125,000 Challenge Impact Report

This report focuses on our 125,000 challenge, which ran during the 2022-23 academic year. The report looks at the role our partners played and how they continue to wield wonderful results while making a significant impact on the governance space across England and Wales.

Annual Impact Report 2022 - 2023

Read our Annual Impact Report 2022 – 2022 to gain an overview of our charity’s position, successes, and next steps.

Induction experiences of new governors 2023

The results in this report are based on responses to our one-year anniversary appointment survey, sent out between September and December 2022. The report examines the experiences of appointed governors during this time and makes recommendations for boards to consider when creating their induction plans.

Wellbeing Governors Report: One Year On September 2022

This report is designed to help the governance community reflect on issues surrounding wellbeing in schools. As we explored in our Wellbeing Governor campaign, mental health and wellbeing support must remain a cornerstone of school life.

Professional Development Through School Governance

This research assesses the potential for school governance to boost volunteers’ professional skills. The findings suggest a high
degree of overlap between the skills governors use on the school board and in their professional roles.