Use your skills to help further their potential by volunteering as a school governor

All pupils, every ambition is about getting people who care about giving all pupils the chance to reach their ambitions onto school boards.

You can help young people in your community succeed in all areas of life by volunteering as a school governor. We’ll support you so you’re equipped to make a difference.

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Enriched education

How can governors support schools to nurture enriched, well-rounded citizens? As well as focusing on academic attainment, educators must help pupils enhance their ‘soft skills’ such as creativity and teamwork, while building enriching cultural experiences into the curriculum.

As a school governor, you can help schools to make decisions that help enrich education for every young person. Apply today and we’ll support you to find a school in need.

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Resources for schools

This page provides links to organisations we work with that offer resources and programmes which may be of interest. We hope they will be of use to your schools and enhance their offer around employability and career-related learning.

Term 2: Future work Term 3:Enriched education

Resources for those volunteering as a school governor

The following pages feature links to organisations involved with each term of our ‘All pupils, every ambition’ campaign. School governors may use these links to explore the range of excellent reading materials and programmes offered by our valued partners.

Term 1: Better than normal Term 2: Future work


Term 3: Enriched education