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All pupils, every ambition is about getting people who care about giving all pupils the chance to reach their ambitions onto school boards.

You can help young people in your community succeed in all areas of life by volunteering as a governor. We’ll support you so you’re equipped to make a difference.

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Help schools build back better

Children and young people have arguably sacrificed the most as a result of the pandemic, with gaps in educational attainment widening further. No student should be disadvantaged due to the events of the last year. Governing boards need people who care about closing the gap to help schools make this possible.

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Resources for governors

Better than normal

This article outlines our focus for the first term, primarily on the effect the past 18 months have had on pupils, and how schools can ensure no student faces long-term educational disadvantage as a result of these events.

The education landscape as it stands

This article explores the challenges and opportunities of the current education landscape, including assessments, inspections, and wellbeing.

Technology and education: the opportunities, the challenges, and the role of governors

This article lays out the success and essential role technology has played in allowing pupils to continue learning over the past two years. It considers challenges with access and hardware and how a governor’s role can help to make sure progress and momentum are maintained.

Questions for Governors to introduce the topic of attainment and post-lockdown responses

This article looks at practical ways of introducing the topic of attainment into board meetings with questions listed under subheads relating to policy and structure, culture and practice, SLT and COVID-19.

Building, maintaining, and leveraging parental engagement within the classroom and school

This article looks at how a supportive and nurturing home life can make all the difference to the academic progress a pupil makes.

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