Governors for Schools is working with Lloyds Banking Group to support employees in becoming school governors. We’ll match your skills and experience with a school board that needs someone like you.

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Voices from Lloyds volunteers

David Brocklebank is a school governor at Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School in Hertfordshire.

There are different things I believe I’ve been able to bring to the board, such as a broad understanding of IT, particularly given the maturity of understanding in schools. I’ve been able to talk through the finance elements, understand how school finances are structured and optimised, and provide support to help the school ensure they can manage the cost of living crisis. More widely, I also bring experience in areas such as stakeholder management and communication skills.

Governance has allowed me to practice my skills with different types of stakeholders and has allowed me to learn about the challenges facing different type of organisation.


Kish Aravinthan is a school governor at Southborough High School in Surrey.

Being a school governor is a rewarding experience and gives everyone an opportunity to contribute to the community. I would highly recommend it to others. I believe the school has benefitted by having a diverse set of members on its board that ensure the effective operation of the school. I sit on the Curriculum and Achievement Committee and support the work of this committee alongside my full governing board commitments.


Lloyds Banking Group and Governors for Schools are committed to helping schools find skilled volunteers

Belen Jordan, Responsible Business – Manager, Community Engagement at Lloyds Banking Group confirms the important work of both organisations.

We have been working with Governors for Schools for a number of years, and the service they provide to colleagues that wish to become school governors is invaluable. Volunteering as a school governor can be so rewarding and beneficial for the school and the individual in so many ways.

Governors for School support colleagues through the whole journey from finding an appropriate position to supporting through their learning and development journey, their continual education on current topics means that all school governors have access to all the support they need.

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