Schools need school governors of all ages, and from all walks of life to make a difference.

When you think about school governors, what image pops into your mind?

You might be thinking about parents, old retirees, people who have multiple degrees, you may even have a visual in your head of a specific type of person. School governance however, is a lot more diverse than people think.

You can become a school governor from the age of 18 but despite this, the role is dominated by people who are much older. We believe there’s a lot of benefits for young people getting involved in school governance, both for the individual, and the school.

What do school governors do?

School governing boards need young people to become school governors due to their recent lived experience of going through the education system among many other reasons. School governors put simply, offer strategic guidance to schools. They sit at the top of the organisation and…

  • Work with other board members to plan the school’s strategic direction.
  • Oversee the school’s financial performance, ensuring money is well-spent.
  • Hold the headteacher or school leadership to account on a wide range of issues.

School governors aren’t operational (meaning they offer suggestions and guidance rather than being the ones who make the decisions for a school) but they work very closely with the leadership teams in the school to challenge existing processes, and drive school improvement.

People who volunteer in school governance role usually attend six meetings per year, and receive many benefits from taking on the role.

Getting started with school governance

Why you should volunteer as a young school governor?

Write a blog about why young people should volunteer as school governors and pop it here as an intro

Remote school governance - making school governance more accessible

Write a blog on remote school governance and how young people can find school governance more accessible.

Pathway to Governance

Pathway to Governance is a unique programme designed to help make school governance accessible and relatable and is particularly suitable for:

  • Those starting out on their career journey.
  • Young people with more recent lived experience of the education system.
  • Those who bring a diversity of skills but not necessarily from a professional background.
  • Those who are interested in school governance but are lacking confidence in their ability to carry out the role effectively.

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