Schools have transformed the way children and young people have learnt over the past two years using technology. It’s been one of the major points of innovation and success in schools throughout the pandemic, and schools have adapted quickly to using technology to their advantage. These adaptations are here to stay and will continue to evolve and grow as schools seek to better engage with all students, ease staff workload, and become more efficient. It’s vital that governors understand how schools are using technology – and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. 

Education charity Governors for Schools is holding an event for those working in HR and Learning and Development within the technology and digital sectors. It’s a chance for those looking for ways to develop the workforce and raise the organisation’s profile to find out more about how school governance can do just that.  

Many school governors come from finance, law, and HR backgrounds, and while they bring vital skills to boards, schools also need people to support with technology, helping ensure they’re making best use of products on offer. Without access to these skills, schools aren’t able to make the best strategic decisions and ensure value for money.  

There are over 20,000 governor vacancies in England and Wales, leaving many schools vulnerable to ineffective decision making. As schools face new challenges, having a governing board with diverse skills has never been more important.  

There are aspirations to make the UK a global leader in technology, but the shortage of skilled workers and young people feeling equipped to move into the sector is hindering this progress. Education can help tackle the issue, and governors with experience in this area can play a role in putting digital progress at the heart of schools.  

Governors for Schools works with employers to support their people into school governor roles, matching volunteers with schools based on their skills. We provide ongoing support so that volunteers thrive in the role and make a positive impact.  

The early stages of lockdown proved that access to technology is not universal. Some pupils may be disadvantaged by the adoption of technology-dependant learning – the so-called “digital divide”. Schools are very aware of this but it will be an ongoing issue for them to manage, and funding can be a major difficulty. Governors with expertise in technology can support in this area, helping schools ensure that access to technology is there for all pupils.  

Register for the online event on 23rd November and find out more about how school governance can benefit your organisation.