At Governors for Schools, we believe school leaders play a critical role in the success of educational institutions. Attending networking exhibitions like The Schools and Academies Show can offer numerous benefits for school leaders, providing opportunities for them to connect with peers and experts in the field, learn about the latest trends and technologies, and gain valuable insights into best practices and strategies for improving student outcomes.

We appreciate that staff resource is limited and you may wonder whether such events are a good use of time, effort, and expense. Well, here are just a few of the benefits school leaders can expect from attending networking exhibitions:

  1. Building relationships and expanding networks: Networking exhibitions offer an excellent opportunity for school leaders to meet and connect with peers from other institutions. This can be especially valuable for leaders who work in small or isolated schools, as it provides a chance to learn from and collaborate with others who may have similar challenges and goals. Building relationships with other leaders can also help to foster a sense of community and support, which can be beneficial for both personal and professional development.
  2. Learning about the latest trends and technologies: Networking exhibitions provide a platform for exhibitors to showcase the latest products, services, and technologies designed to enhance education. School leaders can use this opportunity to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning, such as digital learning tools and interactive software. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, school leaders can make informed decisions about which Service Level Agreements, tools, and resources to invest in for their schools and could discover inventive ways to drive efficiencies.
  3. Accessing professional development opportunities: Many networking exhibitions offer professional development workshops and seminars designed to help school leaders improve their skills and knowledge. These sessions may cover topics such as leadership development, curriculum design, well-being, and safeguarding practices. Attending these workshops can help school leaders keep up with best practices in education and develop new skills to support student achievement. The Schools and Academies Show sessions are CPD-certified – great to add to your formal training record.
  4. Sharing knowledge and experiences: Networking exhibitions provide a forum for school leaders to share their experiences, ideas, and insights with others in the field. You will have the opportunity to hear first-hand from speakers such as Hannah Stolton, Governors for Schools’ CEO, as well as policymakers and education experts. This can be especially valuable for leaders to gain practical advice and innovative solutions to overcome the most prominent obstacles in the education sector. By networking and sharing experiences, school leaders can help others avoid common pitfalls and identify strategies that are most likely to succeed.
  5. Exploring new partnerships and collaborations: Networking exhibitions can also provide opportunities for school leaders to explore potential partnerships and collaborations with other institutions, businesses, and organizations. This could include meeting a broad range of education suppliers who will be showcasing their products and services, all aimed at improving pupil outcomes and the day-to-day running of educational institutions. When budgets are tight, could you find a more affordable supplier for your service needs?

By taking advantage of these opportunities, school leaders can develop innovative ways to improve pupil outcomes. Such strategies can be particularly useful when considering your School Improvement Plan targets, some of which may benefit from the knowledge and information you learn at events such as the Schools and Academies Show.

Join us!

If you’re interested in experiencing the above benefits, why not join us on Wednesday, 17th of May at ExCel London for the Schools and Academies Show? Our very own Hannah Stolton will be delivering a session on ‘Adjusting to the Education Sector – A Governor’s Perspective’ and we will also be exhibiting, find out more and register your place here.