Introducing our Enhanced Recruitment Service

While we remain committed to continuing to offer our free Governor Recruitment Service, we’ll also now be offering a paid for and targeted headhunting service for schools who want a more proactive approach to governor recruitment.

Through the success of our Chair Recruitment Service, we know that our targeted approach to school governor recruitment can produce great results. Our dedicated recruitment team contacts potential candidates who may not have necessarily considered being a school governor before but have the necessary skills, and are keen to volunteer in their local communities. Our pro-active approach targets candidates across a range of recruitment platforms, allowing us to engage with a largely untapped pool of talent. 

Schools use our Enhanced Recruitment Service to find engaged and committed school governors

Schools are offered an optional discovery call. During this call, our recruitment team will gain insight into the make-up of the school’s board. That way, we can understand what they are looking for in their next school governor. We’ll then…

  • Use this information to create a role brief which we’ll use when identifying potential volunteers across a range of recruitment platforms. 
  • Give all volunteers who are recruited through this service free access to our online training ‘Become an Effective New Governor.’ 

We don’t charge schools until the volunteer we find takes up their post. If we aren’t successful in finding a school a school governor, they don’t pay anything. 

Who could benefit from using our Enhanced Recruitment Service? 

The Enhanced Recruitment Service is open to anyone who wants to recruit school governors through a pro-active and targeted approach. If you’re looking for a school governor, it would be especially helpful to you if: 

Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in touch by emailing us at: [email protected]