The second term of our campaign ‘All pupils, every ambition’ launches today and focuses on what governors can do to help prepare young people for the world of work. We’ll explore the concept of employability, and how schools can best help pupils develop skills that will equip them for the job market of the future. 

The world of employment has been changing, with many of the jobs of the future still yet to be developed. These changes are likely to accelerate as we transition to a post-pandemic world, and so careers education that prepares young people for modern work is vital. Governors can support their schools in helping to make the most of each pupil’s abilities, ambitions, and the opportunities they’ll encounter when leaving school.  

Throughout the term, we’ll be considering the role of the link governor for Careers and Work-Related learning and the opportunities the role presents. We’ll also be encouraging governors to talk about and help schools promote options other than university, from apprenticeships, to direct entry schemes, to technical training.  

Governors can play a role in supporting a school’s careers strategy, even at primary level. Thinking about careers early and helping children and young people access quality advice that meets the Gatsby Benchmarks is key. As part of the term’s resources, we’ll produce articles for existing governors that cover how they can help make careers education accessible and effective, and how their strategic role can support schools in this area.  

All pupils, every ambition is about getting people on governing boards who are motivated to make a difference to all children and young people and who want to help them succeed in life – whatever success looks like to them. 

We’ll support new governors with training and resources to make sure that you’re equipped to make an impact from your first day in the role. 

Interested in getting involved?  

Apply to become a governor and we’ll match your skills with a school in need.  


This article, as with all of this term’s campaign resources, was made possible through the support of Allen & Overy.