As the second term of our “All pupils, every ambition” campaign draws to a close, we’re pleased to share some of the helpful and engaging resources Governors for Schools has over the past few months.

This term, we looked at careers education and what schools and governors can do to prepare young people for the world of work. As you may be aware, careers education is sometimes disproportionately oriented in favour of pupils on track for higher education. For those hoping to move straight into employment, more practical and vocational guidance could significantly enhance their career trajectory. As young people recover from the disruptions of COVID-19, it has never been more important for schools to offer robust careers guidance for every pupil – whether or not they’re planning to go to university.

As we explored throughout the term, governors have a vital role to play in improving and diversifying careers education in schools. for example, can support schools at both by monitoring and reviewing careers provisions, promoting the Quality in Careers Standard, and boosting schools’ access to professional networks.

All governors can help drive strategic change in careers education by offering unique insights about their employment experiences during board meetings. They can also hold school leaders to account by asking effective questions about careers at both primary and secondary levels. To excel in this role and learn more about different forms of vocational education, governors may wish to explore our resources produced throughout the term. Highlights include insightful careers-related webinars, inspiring governor case studies, and a new eLearning module [add link], all of which can be watched and read at your own pace. We’ve also included several links to resources that schools and governors may find useful at the bottom of this article.

Next term, we’ll be turning our attention to student enrichment in schools. We’ll examine the role cultural experiences play in school and consider how best to encourage pupils to follow their passions and engage in cultural life. We’ll also consider how effective governance can help schools overcome obstacles surrounding access to cultural experiences and resources. If you’re interested in expanding pupils’ horizons and helping them become to become engaged citizens, you’ll find plenty of interesting material to watch, read, and engage with. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming webinars and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Term 2 resources

All pupils, every ambition Term 2: Future work

An overview of our focus for this term, including how careers and work-related learning can be tailored for a post-pandemic jobs market

Is university right for everyone?

An article exploring how pupils can build careers that don’t require a university degree

From the inside: looking at progression in a holistic way

Commentary from law firm Allen & Overy about their work to expand opportunities to school leavers and how governors can promote careers opportunities

How can you support schools to develop links in the world of work and business?

We explore how governors can help forge links between local businesses and schools

How can governing boards benefit from having self-employed people as governors?

An article authored by the Careers Collective about what self-employed people can offer governing

Term 2 webinars

You can watch recordings of all previous webinars on our website. Topics covered this term include careers-related learning for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), how governors can facilitate a skills-based education, and the role of PSHE in schools.

Interested in becoming a governor?

If this term’s focus on careers has got you thinking about what you could offer school governing boards, why not volunteer today? Whatever your vocational background, your experiences could bring valuable insights to the board that help shape the futures of young people in your community.

As the term comes to an end, we would like to recognise the support we have received from our valuable corporate partner Allen & Overy over the past few months. The organisation’s generous involvement in this term’s campaign has helped us produce a range of valuable resources for governors, schools, and others interested in strong governance.