Governors for Schools and TAP (Thank and Praise) are joining forces to highlight the importance of school staff’s mental health and wellbeing.   

TAP, the free-to-use social thanking platform, is partnering with Governors for Schools, a national education charity that finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors on school and academy boards, to ensure that Staff Wellbeing is given priority status within schools.

According to the Teacher Wellbeing Index 2019, 65% of staff leaving the profession said it was because they did not feel valued, while 49% considered their organisational culture had a negative effect on their mental health and wellbeing. More recently a survey by Education Support in September 2020 showed that while 81% of school staff felt supported by their colleagues, only 61% felt appreciated by the parents and carers of the pupils and students they have been supporting.

Governors for Schools is currently running a high-profile Wellbeing Governors campaign to highlight the vital importance of Staff Wellbeing at schools – see: School Staff Wellbeing Resources

“We work with schools and volunteers across England and Wales to improve education for children and young people. With over 20 years’ experience matching volunteers with schools, we’re committing to ensuring every board has diverse and effective governance. Our skills-based matching service means every volunteer is placed on a board where they can make the biggest impact. We’re delighted to be supporting TAP given our shared commitment to improve the mental health and wellbeing of school staff.”

Hannah Stolton, CEO of Governors for Schools

While TAP is providing its free-to-use social thanking platform to schools in order to generate messages of goodwill for school staff, resulting in improved staff morale and wellbeing – see: TAP School Testimonials

TAP and Governors for Schools will now work together to reinforce the importance of school staff wellbeing through a series of activities including the delivery of new Staff Wellbeing resources for governors and school leaders to share with their schools.

“I’m delighted that TAP is partnering with Governors for Schools. We are both mission-led organisations with a shared objective to improve the mental health and wellbeing of those working in schools, so together, we can make an even greater impact,” said Matt Findel-Hawkins, CEO of TAP.

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About TAP:

TAP (Thank And Praise) is a unique social thanking platform which enables the public to show their appreciation to the unsung heroes working in education, healthcare and social care, while raising funds for good causes.


 About Governors for Schools:

Governors for Schools finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors and trustees on school and academy boards. We support schools across England and Wales to run effectively by finding high calibre governors to bring their skills and expertise to the table – and improve education for children.


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