Wednesday, June 1st – Tuesday June 7th is Volunteers Week, a nationwide celebration recognising the positive impact volunteers make on communities throughout the UK. In the spirit of this fantastic initiative, Governors for School would like to thank all our volunteers for their hard work and commitment.

Over the past couple of years, schools have faced challenges that were simply unimaginable before COVID-19 changed the educational landscape. Fortunately, governors like you have been there to provide invaluable support, offering vital advice and guidance on a range of pressing issues. From setting financial priorities to assessing educational outcomes, governors have been using their know-how to significantly improve the running of schools. Most admirable of all, many of you have selflessly given up your time without expecting a thing in return.

Rest assured your impact is felt by young people and educators throughout the country. Keep up your excellent work and please know that we recognise and appreciate every volunteer who registers with our service.

Want to help even more schools? Invite friends and colleagues to volunteer as governors!

Are you passionate about improving educational standards and ensuring all children are given the chance to succeed in life? There are thousands of governor vacancies in Schools across England and Wales, so encourage your friends and colleagues to get involved! If they’re unsure about what the role entails, our recruitment webinar on June 29 at 12 noon will tell them everything they need to know. Encourage them to sign up for a free space today.