As part of our continued mission to improve the services we offer, we’re partnering with the Skills Builder Partnership. The organisation is committed to helping as many people as possible develop the skills to succeed. Used by over 500 schools, 120 employer partners, and 90 impact organisations, we’ll join a rapidly growing, global network of schools, businesses and individuals developing and sharing best practice – as well as a common framework for skill development.

For our volunteers and partner schools

We’ll continue to improve the integration of skill development internally, but also in all the information we share, and services we offer. We’ll make sure our governors are able to develop, use, and communicate their skillset as effectively as possible, as well as providing them with the language and framework to ensure skill development is fundamental to their schools’ curriculum.

For our pupils

While skill development is vital, it’s just as important to be able to think about and articulate your skillset to be able to make the most use of it. Using common language and definitions is therefore crucial to pupils achieving better outcomes, and as governors, this is central to our mission. Skills Builder Partnership not only works with schools and teachers, but also a number of top employers to ensure the skills framework and vernacular pupils are exposed to in school carries over in to the world of employment.

For our own CPD

We’re committed to supporting the continual professional and personal development of our team. By working with the Skills Builder Partnership, incorporating their framework internally, and giving team members the time to make use of their resources, we’re able to demonstrate this commitment to our people.

For wider impact

Skills Builder Partnership will be able to benefit from the insight, knowledge, and experience of Governors for Schools and our broader network. As part of a growing partnership of skills-building organisations committed to improving education, we’ll be able to make a significant contribution to a collective vision that one day everyone can build the essential skills to succeed.

Visit the Skills Builder Partnership website to find out more.

Learn more about how you can volunteer as a governor and use your skills to make an impact on a school board visit our application page.