Governors for Schools is delighted to announce the launch of a new eLearning module designed to equip governors in maintained schools with the skills they need to successfully appoint new headteachers. Developed with the support of GovernorHub and The Key, the resource is free to access, and participants will receive a certificate after completing the module.

Governing boards are legally responsible for appointing headteachers in maintained schools. By taking our module, governors can develop the knowledge they need to make a decision that benefits pupils. While our eLearning module is aimed at governors in maintained schools, it may also help others with some degree of responsibility for headteacher recruitment.

Headteachers play a crucial role in securing the success and future of a school, so it’s vital governors feel confident in their decision-making abilities. As well as providing an overview of the basics surrounding recruitment, our module details the experiences of governors who have recently gone through the recruitment process – ensuring participants feel supported in their role.

The course starts by breaking down the process of headteacher recruitment into five key stages, including tips and advice for individual tasks. Participants will hear advice and guidance from governance professionals in Essex County Council and the London Borough of Islington, as well as conversations with nine governors in a range of settings, each of whom has recently undertaken successful recruitment rounds for new headteachers. To support the recruitment process, we’ve also included several links to relevant resources and guidance, some of which have been specially developed to accompany the module.

If you or someone you know is preparing to appoint a new headteacher, head to our website today to get started with the course. We also recommend the module for all governors looking to discover more about headteacher recruitment processes.

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