As an organisation, we are sorry to learn that the DfE will be withdrawing funding for school governor recruitment in September. While we recognise that all budgets are being closely reviewed to cut spend and make efficiencies wherever they can, we are disappointed for the sector that there will no longer be any funding for governance. With funding withdrawn for both academy trustee and now school governor recruitment, at a time when schools and academy trusts are finding it ever more challenging to source the volunteers they need for this vital role, we have concerns for the future of the sector.

It’s essential that we continue to recognise the important role that good governance has to play, particularly at a time when schools are facing so many challenges. An impartial recruitment service is needed to ensure the right skills, diversity and objectivity are around the table. We believe that schools and trusts need a market-led solution, which should be supported by the government. We hope that over the next 6 months, there will be close consideration of how good governance can be supported, with recognition of what is needed by schools to ensure effective boards.

Governors for Schools will continue to serve the sector, and now more than ever, will need to ensure its own sustainability for the long term.