The motivation behind being a school governor

We caught up with Bav Shah, a governor at Woodlands school in Luton and graduate of Nottingham Trent University, to hear about how he found the role and what motivates him to volunteer. What’s your professional background? I studied Real Estate Management at Nottingham…

Can promoting school governance in communities help fight loneliness?

Our CEO Louise Cooper argues that volunteering as a school governor can be good for mental health, giving people the chance to connect with their community and combat loneliness. Loneliness is an epidemic affecting people of all ages across the UK. The 2016 Co-op and British Red Cross…

Effective governance in schools and businesses – where’s the crossover?

Our CEO Louise Cooper talks about the overlap between governors on school and business boards, and what we can learn from it.  Schools rely on governors to keep them running effectively. And that’s especially true in the current financial climate, as budgets are squeezed in real terms and schools must…

Giving governors the knowledge they need to make a positive impact

As a school governor, making the right decisions often comes down to understanding the data. But not all new governors have experience working with data, and deciding what’s relevant to consider can be difficult. We’ve developed an eLearning module with Arbor Education to help school governors get to…

Is gaining experience on a school governing board CSR or CPD – or both?

Our CEO Louise Cooper talks about the benefits governance brings to volunteers and the organisations they work for, arguing that joining a governing board isn’t just CSR – it’s also an excellent CPD opportunity.     Fifteen years ago, I joined my first board for a charity called…

5 ways to stay safe and have fun on bonfire night

It’s a winter evening with clear skies and stars are twinkling in the sky. In the distance you can see big bursts of glitter in the sky, “fireworks!” you exclaim. Bonfire night, it’s one of the most fun nights of the year. Fireworks, Bonfires, candyfloss and funfairs, it’s easy…

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