Governors for Schools and Governors Cymru Services (GCS) are pleased to launch a bilingual eLearning module to support new and prospective governors in Wales. The engaging new induction resource was generously funded by Cardiff University and developed in collaboration with Governors Cymru Services (GCS).

The purpose of the new module is to help volunteers in Wales learn more about the responsibilities of school governors, develop their knowledge of the Welsh education sector, and learn some of the foundational skills required for effective governance. The module is aimed at those considering the role, or who have recently started their governance journey. To ensure the course offers relevant guidance for a Welsh audience, we consulted a variety of sector experts while researching, planning, and designing learning content.

Hannah Stolton, CEO of Governors for Schools, explains: “The launch of this valuable eLearning module represents a significant step forward for our expansion into Wales. We’re proud to have developed a go-to resource that meets the needs of our committed Welsh volunteers and are delighted to offer content for Welsh language speakers. We look forward to observing the results of our efforts.”

Jane Morris, Director at Governors Cymru Services, said: “It has been a pleasure to work in partnership with both organisations to produce this innovative eLearning module to support the development and effectiveness of school governors, pan Wales. As readers may know, this mission is very close to our hearts. Prospective, new, and experienced governors will find the module a useful tool to gain a greater insight and understanding of effective governance, in addition to all our other useful resources available at Governors Cymru Services.”

Susan Diment, Education Partnership Manager at Cardiff University, said: “Cardiff University is committed to supporting the leadership and management of schools in Wales as part of our civic mission. In 2019, we launched our school governor initiative, supporting our staff, students, and alumni to become serving school governors.  We are delighted to work in partnership with Governors for Schools and Governors Cymru Services and support the development of the first pan-Wales bilingual eLearning module.  We hope that the resource will not only provide advice for recently appointed governors but also help new applicants understand more about the role and encourage them to apply.

Volunteering in a Welsh School? Try our new module today

All of the volunteers we place in Welsh schools have access to our library of eLearning modules, including the new Wales-specific introductory course. If you’re new to Welsh governance, please head to the website to start the course. Don’t worry if you’re short of time – you can always save your progress and return to the module at a later date. You’ll also receive a certificate once you’ve completed the course.

Editor’s notes

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