Our current business partners include


  • Share their skills with schools that need them
  • Experience board-level decision making
  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Build connections with the local community

Track your employees’ development

We’ve launched our Skills Development Tracker so that your employees can measure the tangible benefits they bring back to work. It allows them to track their hours, the experiences they have, considering the skills they develop and access a resources bank to support them in their role.

Top skills governors develop:

  • Providing challenge
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing professional relationships
Read our research into the professional skills developed

Why partner with Governors for Schools?

As governors, volunteers will make decisions that affect schools for years to come.

Help us fill some of the thousands of vacancies on governing boards across England and Wales, and impact millions of children’s lives.

Your workforce will benefit through professional development and community engagement, including:

  • Dedicated account manager and reporting, so partners can see the impact their employees are making
  • Bespoke matching service, to place your employees in a school convenient to them, that has a real need for their skills
  • Regular presentations and workshops
  • Access to our Skills Development Tracker for each volunteer, so that they can measure their development in the role, identify areas for improvement and access resources

Become a business partner

Contact William Durham, Head of Key Accounts at william.durham@governorsforschools.org.uk to learn more about becoming a business partner.