Our CPD accredited induction programme provides a comprehensive introduction to key topics in school governance to help new governors quickly gain confidence in the role.

Are you looking for a simple resource to help new members of your governing boards become effective in their roles?

  • Our induction course is ideally suited for those who are new to education, with key language, regulations and acronyms explained so your governors can fully engage with meetings and visits early in their governance roles. Each section contains real examples of actions and questions to help them develop best practice as well as videos of current governors speaking about their roles.
  • Our dedicated modules for academy  school governors ensure that the information they receive is relevant to sitting on a Local Governing Board.
  • Learners are able to complete the modules in whichever order best suits their  needs as a learner, but certification is only available once all of the modules have been completed.
  • Priced at £50 per board, per year for unlimited access it provides a cost-effective way of ensuring your governors have the key information to ensure they are confident in their new roles.
“The course is very insightful on every aspect regarding schooling and how we can be more effective in fulfilling our duties. I will be going back to the modules that relate to my specific responsibilities during my time as a governor.”
I’m so glad this exists, I am finding it difficult to get on my local training course as they are all in work hours, so being able to do this in my own time and cover the topics I need to know about was so valuable. It is really easy to use and there are tonnes of links that I’ve jotted down to use in future. It tells you just enough, but not too much!”
Quizzes and challenges

Regular quizzes and challenges test learners knowledge throughout the course and provide instant feedback.

Dynamic content

Content is designed to be easily understandable with links to more in depth reading to supplement  learning in key areas of interest. Learners will also hear from current school governors about their own roles.

Complete at home or on the go

The modules work across  laptops, tablets or smartphones allowing your governors to access the eLearning when and where it most suits them.

Purchasing the Become an Effective Governor resource for your MAT

To discuss purchasing this resource for your MAT please reach out to [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss this with you further.

The course can also be bought individually

Please follow the instructions on the course page below if you wish to make a single purchase of the resource.