We’re celebrating Volunteers’ Week

For nearly 25 years we’ve been supporting school governors (and more recently) academy trustees within the education sector. Over this time, we’ve seen the amazing impact that these educational leaders make across England and Wales every day.

This Volunteers’ Week, we’re celebrating these volunteers, and want to say thank you for the hard work that both school governors and academy trustees put into their roles. Schools and trusts across the UK would be very different without you.

Share your story

Volunteers’ Week is a great opportunity for you to share your governance journey with others. Your story could be the reason why somebody else takes the decision to become a school governor or academy trustee.

For inspiration as to how you can share your story effectively, you can visit our ‘encouraging others to get involved in school governance‘ page below.

Encourage others to get involved in school governance

Want to volunteer as a school governor or academy trustee?

Interested in volunteering as a school governor, or academy trustee but don’t know what to expect? Both the school governor and academy trustee roles are very different but equally rewarding. Each allows you to make a huge difference within education, supporting personal and professional development along the way.

If you’ve been inspired to apply to become a school governor or academy trustee, our team can find the right position for you. You can also find out more about applying for one of these roles below.