Wellbeing Governors

Our campaign ‘Wellbeing Governors’ ran from September 2020 to July 2021. The campaign aimed to showcase the importance of looking after the mental health of all those in the school community – and the impact a link governor for wellbeing could make.

Each term, we focused on the different people in the school community governors could impact. In term 1, we promoted pupil mental health and wellbeing, in term 2 we helped equip governors to support school staff wellbeing, and in term 3 we focused on physically active schools and the connection between physical and mental health.


Resources for school governors to support school staff mental health and wellbeing

Wellbeing governors champion mental health and wellbeing for the whole school. They keep mental health and wellbeing on the agenda by asking questions about the school’s provision and support. We’re here to support you as a wellbeing governor so that school staff’s mental health is looked after at school 

Use our resources to help make sure your school is prioritising mental health and wellbeing in the most effective way.

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