All pupils, every ambition – volunteer your skills

All pupils, every ambition is about getting people who care about giving all pupils the chance to reach their ambitions onto school boards.

You can help young people in your community succeed in all areas of life by volunteering as a school governor. We’ll support you so you’re equipped to make a difference.

A school governor’s relationship with the school’s leadership team involves challenging existing processes to drive school improvement. School governors usually attend around six meetings per year and dedicate 7 hours of their time a month to the role.

Although becoming a school governor requires drive and commitment, you’ll enjoy many professional and personal rewards, including career development opportunities and the chance to support young people’s futures.

Volunteer as a school governor

Hear from school governors we’ve placed

Elinor, London

I always say that my own education was the bedrock of who I am today. That’s partly why I wanted to be a school governor – to give back, and to give other children the same opportunities I had. Everyone has to learn how to learn or we’re all going to struggle to exist in today’s society.

Scott, Bristol

Lots of people don’t know it’s something you can do if you’re not a parent. I hope that by answering their questions and giving reassurance, I can encourage people to volunteer their skills. School governing boards need people from all walks of life to give input.

Vijay, Hatfield

People often think I’m too young to be a school governor. That’s what I thought too before I read up on the role. You just need to be willing to learn, collaborate and challenge.

5 reasons you should volunteer as a school governor:

  1. You’ll see the impact of your decisions first hand.
  2. You’ll improve education for local children.
  3. You’ll work with people from different professional backgrounds.
  4. You’ll feel connected to your community.
  5. You’ll make a difference when schools need it most.

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