Throughout the hectic school year, academic achievement and exam preparation can take priority over other pupil development activities. However, as our latest campaign emphasises, high-quality and immersive cultural experiences are vital for helping pupils flourish as young adults. Without them, pupils may lack the skills necessary to get on in life. So, how can governors support busy school leaders to integrate cultural enrichment into an already-packed timetable?

Governors play a vital role in helping school leaders foster an ethos promoting cultural diversity and intellectual curiosity throughout the year. Measures to help schools create culturally enriching experiences could include

  1. Encouraging school leaders to organise whole-school assemblies or form time sessions focusing on different aspects of cultural enrichment, such as music, appreciating different cultures, or learning soft skills like empathy and resilience.
  2. Ensuring pupils are rewarded for their involvement in culturally enriching activities and showcasing their achievements within the school community.
  3. Promoting a diverse curriculum that encourages pupils to think beyond the limits of a subject. For example, a school may find ways to integrate STEM and arts subjects, promoting interdisciplinary learning and cooperation between students with different strengths.
  4. Assessing the cost and impact of cultural enrichment programmes. Governors should look into the types of cultural enrichment programmes schools offer and ask relevant questions. Are pupils engaged? Are there better and more cost-effective options available? Is Pupil Premium going towards activities that develop pupils’ soft skills?
  5. Developing international links to promote cultural awareness and understanding.

One of the most important factors in providing a holistic education and opening pupils’ minds to new experiences is the provision of extra-curricular opportunities. Beyond in-school activities such as after-school sports and music clubs, there are plenty of organisations specialising in delivering experiences that can enrich pupils understanding of the world. One such organisation is True Education Partnerships, which facilitates international school partnerships and immersive education experiences.

According to Toni Camilleri, Global Schools Advisor for True Education Partnerships: “We believe that immersing students in experiences that open their eyes to different cultures, people, lifestyles and traditions is vital to creating globally aware citizens who are prepared for the world of tomorrow.

“Through our Global Student Engagement programmes and the Global School Alliance platform, we’ve made it easy for schools to evidence cultural capital, add global dimensions to the curriculum, and transform global learning.”

Opening students’ minds to other cultures and languages represents a proven way to enrich their education and love of learning. As a governor, you can support your school to develop valuable local and international links through organisations such as True Education Partnerships and others listed on our Term 3 Resources page.

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