With the pandemic stretching beyond 2020 and the aftermath of school closures still being keenly felt in communities across England and Wales, now is a critical time to make sure all pupils are given the best opportunities to develop and achieve. 

Pre-pandemic studies by Education Policy Institute show that the attainment gap between children from lower-income and higher-income homes was already around 9 months by the time they left primary school. That gap increased to 18 months by the end of secondary education. Researchers are still working out how much larger this gap has become as a result of the pandemic, but an article published in The Guardian in June states ‘between a third and two-thirds of all progress made’ in the last decade has been eroded.  

To make sure all our young people have the same opportunities and aspirations for later life, a first class, inclusive, education for all will be central to all schools do. Being a school governor gives you the perfect opportunity to get involved with making sure that happens. 

School governors help set the strategic direction of the school. The governing board challenge and support the leadership team by asking the right questions, whether that’s about the curriculum being taught and its impact, how money is being spent or reviewing learning outcomes and interventions to ensure pupils needs are being met. Schools across England and Wales are looking for people with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Your knowledge and experience will benefit the school by complementing that of staff and other governors and help therefore enable the school to support all children and young people effectively.  

By being a governor and using your skills and experience to benefit a school board, you can have a long lasting impact on that school, helping ensure it is ambitious for their students. You can make sure all children, from all walks of life within your community, have the support they need to flourish. Most importantly, you can do your bit to help bridge the gap by keeping it on the school agenda.  

Read more about our current campaign All Pupils, Every Ambition’. 

How can you learn more about becoming a school governor? 

Join our webinar on 27th October at 12.00pm to find out more about supporting your community through becoming a school governor and everything you need to know about the role. 

How can you become a school governor?  

Apply to become a governor by creating your online profile, and we’ll match you with a school in need. 

You’ll have the opportunity to outline your interests/experience in the application form, so we can find a school looking for someone with your skillset. 

Once you’re on the board, we’ll continue to support you with training and resources to ensure you can have the impact needed.