At meetings, your role may include the following:

  • Asking questions  that help to shine a light on performance, decision-making, and planning
  • Modelling  the school’s values
  • Offering support  where things have gone well, or the school is facing challenges
  • Challenging senior leaders  where things have not gone so well or are not being addressed
  • Scrutinising  the rationale for decisions and particular policies
  • Clarifying  where there is uncertainty about a particular matter
  • Seeking assurance  that duties are being met
  • Monitoring data  relating to pupil, staff and financial performance


Governors also have roles to perform outside of meetings. This includes:

  • Visiting the school  to find out more about areas of focus for the governing board
  • Engaging  with pupils, parents and other stakeholders to understand their views and experiences
  • Acting as ambassadors  for the school in the wider community
  • Being a spokesperson for the school  (this will usually be the responsibility of the chair)
  • Representing the school on panels,  such as recruitment, pupil exclusion, and staff disciplinary panels