Working collaboratively at Governors for Schools

At Governors for Schools, we recognise the benefits of working collaboratively with local authorities to improve education for children. We’re open to different ways of working. As a result, we collaborate with a range of stakeholders who all have the same goal of finding skilled and committed people to volunteer as school governors.

Local authorities across England and Wales trust us to support their work. We’re always happy to talk to local authorities about how we can work in partnership to fill their vacancies. As part of our partnerships, we share data reports to show the impact working together has on the authority.

But what do people say about our work?

I would thoroughly recommend the use of Governors for Schools in finding school governors. I will continue to work alongside them to continue to raise the profile of school governance in Blackpool.

We’ve seen the number of school governor vacancies significantly reduce from 12.47% in spring 2017 to a fantastic 7.4% in autumn 2019.

Jaki Currey, Governor Services Manager at Blackpool Council

Governors for Schools has a brilliant track record of finding talented and dedicated school governors.

Councillor Larry Culhane, Cabinet Member for Children and Education, Hammersmith & Fulham Council

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Is your local authority looking for ways to promote school governance to the local community? Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting to find out we could support the work of your local authority.

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