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Join Governors for Schools to learn about a wide range of issues affecting today’s governance landscape. We speak to a range of guests and organisations to help new, existing, and prospective school governors and academy trustees get to grips with the demands of the role.

Our podcast discusses our current campaigns, such as our Inclusive Governance Campaign focused around inclusion, as-well as topics to to support academy trusts and schools to thrive.

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In this episode, we explore the importance of raising awareness of invisible disabilities and neurodiversity in schools, the impact this can have on children and young people, and the unique perspective neurodivergent people can bring to school governing boards.

To discuss this topic, we’re joined by three passionate and knowledgeable voices – Chantal Boyle, Communications Manager at Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, Dr Claire Walsh, Chair of Governors (co-opted) and neurodiversity advocate, and Sue Blyth, Headteacher of Fourfields Community Primary School.

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