This term, we’ll explore the links between physical activity levels in schools and positive mental health, improved behaviour and engagement, and higher educational attainment.

We’ll also consider the role governors play in creating a culture in their schools that encourages more active living.

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What do wellbeing governors do?

Wellbeing governors champion mental health and wellbeing for the whole school. They keep mental health and wellbeing on the agenda by asking questions about the school’s provision and support.  

Use the resources below to help your school prioritise keeping everyone in the school community physically active, supporting their mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing webinars

Why physical activity in schools is so important and first steps to improving provision

Our first Wellbeing webinar of the term explored why physical activity is such a crucial component of mental health and wellbeing, especially for young people. We considered how governors and their schools can begin to improve their provision and culture. Featuring guest speakers Alex Ogden, Yorkshire Sport’s Development Manager for Education and School Sport, Bert Bond PhD, researcher at the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre (CHERC) at the University of Exeter, and Jon Smedley, founder and director of Teach Active.

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Resources for governors

These articles give link governors for wellbeing and all governing board members guidance for improving physical activity levels in their schools.


Why is physical activity in schools such an important wellbeing issue?

This article outlines the areas where healthy levels of physical activity in a school can make a positive difference for pupils.

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What comprises physical practice and culture in schools?

There are a variety of ways in which a school can improve, or fail to provide, when it comes to ensuring pupils and staff are encouraged to be physically active. This article outlines what physical activity practice and culture looks like in schools.

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Why is improving physical activity in schools so difficult?

Making schools more physically active can be difficult. This article outlines the reasons why this can be the case, as well as how to create plans and take action that enable and reinforce success.

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What are the first steps needed to improve physical activity in schools?

There are baseline areas of knowledge and action that governors should look at to help schools become more physically active. This article outlines the first steps governors should consider to improve physical activity levels for pupils.

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An introduction to active learning and active classrooms

There is a lot of pressure on school staff and pupils to fit as much as possible into a limited amount of time. So, it’s no surprise that sport, PE, and other forms of physical activity – even free play at break times – can have their time allocation squeezed. This article introduces the concept of active learning and how it can help increase activity levels across the school day, but also improve engagement, behaviour, and outcomes.

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Primary PE and Sport Premium Funding

Many primary school governors will have come across the term ‘sport premium funding’ but may be unsure as to what it is and how it could and should be spent. This article outlines how governors can make the most of any available funding.

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An introduction to active travel and its potential in your school

Active travel is broadly any form of getting about that involves physical exertion. This article considers the numerous benefits to its wider adoption, including macro social benefits such as reduced air and noise pollution. We also look at how governors can play a role in supporting active travel in their school.

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Working with parents to improve school physical activity culture

Parents are one of the least utilised but potentially most powerful allies in improving a school’s ethos of physical activity and wellbeing. This article outlines why governors and school staff understand why and how to best engage with parents to create a sustainable, constructive partnership.

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School Wellbeing Survey for Parents/Carers

As part of our campaign Wellbeing Governors, we’ve worked with wellbeing software creator Bounce Together to put together a survey for schools. The questionnaire has been designed to help you gain more understanding about parental/carer views towards your school’s wellbeing and mental health environment, policies and culture.

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