Between September 2022 and July 2023 we appointed...

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Our partners

To achieve our ambitious target, we worked closely with corporate partners to encourage even more of their skilled employees to get involved in school governance.

Look out for our upcoming report into why our work with corporate partners is so valuable to us, and the impact it has on our mission to ensure schools have access to skilled, diverse governance boards.

To learn more about how we’re meeting this challenge and latest update, please read our end of the spring term blog post.

Our supporting partners mean we access a diverse group of volunteers who may not otherwise consider school governor or academy trustee roles. We’re delighted to have so many respected organisations working with us to support schools to have the very best people around their board tables.

Find out more about our partners

Read our Impact Report

Our impact report looks at the role our partners played during the 125,000 challenge and how they continue to wield wonderful results while making a significant impact on the school governance space across England and Wales.

Hear from some of the volunteers appointed during the challenge

Grace Osborne

Click the image to read Grace’s story on LinkedIn.

Femi Omowaye

Click the image to read Femi’s story on LinkedIn.

Olivia Willis

Click the image to read Olivia’s story on LinkedIn.

Hannah Davies

Click the image to read Hannah’s story on LinkedIn.