Remote volunteering as a school governor allows you to bring your skills and experience to a school by joining meetings virtually.

A blended governance approach – where local school governors attend meetings in person, supported by remote governors joining virtually – can help increase diversity and inclusivity on boards.

If there are limited vacancies in your local area, or if you’d like to support a school somewhere different to where you live or work, remote governance could suit you.

How does remote governance work?

As a remote governor, you’ll be as much a part of the school governing board alongside local school governors. The only difference is that you’ll join meetings virtually.

Remote volunteering within school governance gives schools the opportunity to find a volunteer with the skills the board needs. Even if they’re not in the local area!

Many schools will expect you to visit the school at some point during the year. This could perhaps be during a strategy day, or to take an opportunity to meet staff and pupils in person. General governing board meetings however, may be held online. This makes the role more accessible for some.

Is remote governance right for you?

If you think remote governance could work for you, speak to your partnerships manager when you apply to become a school governor. We’ll be able to look at appropriate remote vacancies that match your preferences.