Trustee Vacancy Information

Can you bring skills in leadership, corporate governance and strategic decision-making to the world of education? Strive4 Academy Trust is seeking trustees to sit on their boards and help improve educational outcomes.

What will you be doing?

There are now more than 1,150 academy trusts across the country, each of which receives direct government funding and operates alongside a board of trustees. A board is responsible for holding the trust’s executive team to account, delivering strategic leadership, overseeing budgets, and upholding the highest levels of governance. A strong board will possess a diverse blend of individuals, capable of representing the communities they serve. It will also comprise a good mix of professional skills, expertise, and experience from areas such as finance, HR, law, governance, estates and IT. Insights from an array of backgrounds can ensure boards make informed decisions on matters that impact the lives of children and staff.

Governors for Schools has a rich background in matching skilled people to governing board roles across England and Wales. The need to identify strong, independent trustees has never been greater, and we are working to match those who want to offer their time, knowledge and acumen with volunteering opportunities.

What is the trust looking for?

The Trust owns a diverse range of buildings from Victorian through to 1970s stock, with modern extensions. It contracts a company to review the stock and formulate an estates development plan. Strive4 will benefit from professional expertise that can help challenge and enhance that plan so the Trust can manage its sites efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically.

Therefore, Strive4 is looking for a person/people with expertise and experience in either Estates Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering or Fire Safety.

Someone joining the Board would gain the satisfaction of making a positive impact and working with a range of experts from other professions. They would help the Trust to maintain H&S compliance, reduce utility costs, meet sustainability needs, utilise space effectively, and keep up with technology.

What difference will you make?

Volunteering on an academy trust board is deeply rewarding as it allows you to impact the life chances of young people. Academy trusts support schools to give children a better future. For young people to have the best possible opportunities in later life, it is vital we have individuals with the right expertise leading schools and holding executive teams accountable. Becoming a trustee is a fantastic opportunity to give back to your local community by strengthening education.
As well as looking for new opportunities to give something back to society, you may be looking for opportunities to build your experience in strategic decision-making at senior level or demonstrate your ability to perform in a non-executive position as part of a portfolio career.

All roles are pro bono

People from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Governing boards should represent the communities they serve, as well as wider society. We welcome interest from underrepresented groups to ensure academy trust boards are diverse in background, skillset, and thought. 
Diversity is a powerful instrument for effective governance. Trustees are required to make choices that impact the daily lives of children, from school finance all the way through to staff and pupil recruitment. It’s essential that boards possess a broad set of beliefs, experiences, and ideas to inform their final judgements. We believe that true representation at board level enables all children to fulfil their potential.

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