We support all types of state-funded schools and academies, higher education colleges, pupil referral units (PRUs) and state-funded nurseries in finding governors free of charge.

Register your governor vacancy


An outline of our process

  1. Register your governor vacancies online. Here you can specify the desirable skills or expertise you’re looking for in volunteers.
  2. Your dedicated Partnerships Manager will find volunteers in your school’s local area that best match your requirements.
  3. If both you and the volunteer are interested in moving forward, we’ll make an introduction via email.
  4. You can then arrange a meeting with the volunteer(s) at the school to talk more about the role.

We work with independent schools to find governors for their school boards but please note, there is a cost to this service.

Read more about how we work with independent schools.

Due to differences in the education system, we aren’t able to work with schools in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Increasing the racial diversity of governing boards

Diverse boards help ensure effective governance, which leads to improved educational outcomes for children.

We recognise the importance of diverse boards so that decisions are made robustly with input from people with a variety of lived experiences – as well as varied skills. It’s also vital that children see people of all backgrounds in board-level positions.

Read and download the summary of our panel about increasing diversity of race on school governing boards.

The summary includes things for your board to consider before recruiting governors, alongside ways to recruit and retain BAME volunteers.

How to diversify your board – Panel summary

Finding governors through Governors for Schools

30% of all Governors for Schools volunteers are from a BAME background. Where we can, we will help your board find someone who can bring the skills you need alongside the diversity.

Terms of our service

Our ambition is to ensure every school in England has excellent governance, which drives improved outcomes for all children and young people. We want to help as many schools and volunteers as possible – but we can only do this with support from the schools we work with.

To help us deliver the high level of service we hold ourselves to, we ask that when registering your vacancy you make every effort to respond to volunteers we introduce you to within our agreed timeframe of two weeks.

If you’re not interested in moving forward with a volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible. We’re then able to find another opportunity for the volunteer who can help another school.

If your requirements change or if your vacancy is no longer available, please get in touch. We can then update or pause our search for suitable volunteers.