What skills do schools need on boards?

A school board functions best with a variety of professional backgrounds and lived experiences around the table. But while finance, HR, and legal skills are all great additions, they’re not the only skills boards need. It’s true that the most requested skills from schools are finance, education, and HR. Headteachers…

What do school governors do and why is a strong board so important?

Schools governors work to plan the strategic direction of the school, oversee budgets, and support and challenge the headteacher. As part of the governing board, governors play a vital role in helping schools run efficiently and effectively to give children the best education possible. Schools with strong governing boards are…

As an increasing attainment gap is becoming evident in the classroom – how can you help schools to ensure all pupils meet their potential?

With the pandemic stretching beyond 2020 and the aftermath of school closures still being keenly felt in communities across England and Wales, now is a critical time to make sure all pupils are given the best opportunities to develop and achieve.  Pre-pandemic studies by Education Policy Institute show that the attainment gap between children from lower-income and…

The education landscape as it stands: challenges and opportunities

Whilst we sadly are not yet in a post-COVID-19 world, and schools continue to manage the threat of both the virus as well as potential further lockdowns and disruption, it is important to understand more fully where schools and education are positioned and what the pandemic has exposed and exacerbated.

Why we need to ‘re-calibrate’ the classroom

Whilst it seems Covid and its impact on the day-to-day running of schools may extend far longer than had been hoped, it’s clear schools have made substantial strides in their ability to deliver learning. As we adjust to a shifted, and to a certain extent still shifting, landscape it is…

Better than Normal

Many are rightly concerned that the pandemic has widened existing gaps in educational attainment and access to both high quality teaching and support. During this first term of the All Pupils, Every Ambition campaign, we’ll focus on primarily on the effect the past 18 months have had on pupils, and…

All pupils, every ambition

Our new campaign ‘All pupils, every ambition’ is about getting people who care about giving all pupils the chance to reach their ambitions onto school boards. After what has been a turbulent time for pupils, now more than ever, we all have a role to play in helping our…

Blended careers – the role of a school governor

This guest blog is by Elizabeth Holmes of Eteach. After graduating with a degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading, Elizabeth completed her PGCE at the Institute of Education, University of London. She then taught humanities and social sciences in schools in London,…

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