Measuring Wellbeing: Mental Health Audits and Surveys

Creating an effective staff mental health and wellbeing strategy is reliant on two things: understanding the current provision, and understanding the needs and feelings of all staff members who will be relying upon it. Similarly, any changes or reviews of the strategy must take into account staff views and feedback…

Practical changes to improve staff wellbeing

Once policies have been created and wellbeing roles have been filled, there are many changes that schools can make that will have an impact on staff wellbeing. On their own, these actions may not seem particularly impactful, but combined, these small changes will demonstrate to staff that their wellbeing and…

Deutsche Bank renews partnership with Governors for Schools

We’re delighted to be working with Deutsche Bank again in 2021. In 2020, through its CSR Born to Be youth engagement strategy, 27 Deutsche Bank employees became governors across England – becoming part of the teams helping deliver excellent educational outcomes for a combined total of 11,226 pupils. It…

How can governors help to reduce preventable exclusions?

Permanent and fixed-term exclusions have increased in recent years. Exclusions are still a rare event in many English schools, but the increase has been dramatic.  10 pupils were excluded for every 10,000 pupils in 2018/19, an increase from six pupils per 10,000 in 2012/13. The number of pupils receiving fixed-term exclusions increased from 350…

How does school staff mental health affect pupil mental health? 

The mental health and wellbeing of school staff and their pupils is closely linked. If teachers and school staff work in an environment where wellbeing is prioritised and they feel supported and valued, their pupils will also reap the benefits. So how can schools go about this,…

How school governors can support staff wellbeing

This guest blog is by Sinead McBrearty, CEO of Education Support, the UK’s only charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the entire education workforce. 2020 was an extraordinary year for everyone connected with schools. As well as being CEO of Education Support, I am…

What is staff mental health and wellbeing in a school setting? 

Governors can help transform their schools’ approach to staff wellbeing and mental health. But before they can do so, governors need some underlying knowledge and understanding of the terminology and issues involved.  The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every…

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