Governors for Schools is working with KPMG to support employees in becoming school governors. We’ll match your skills and experience with a school board that needs someone like you.

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KPMG are proud to actively encourage our colleagues, from graduates to partners, to use their eight -days volunteering allowance to take on Board-level volunteering roles and make a positive contribution to their communities. During FY19 colleagues have contributed 8,257 hours across governance roles.

Becoming a school governor is hugely rewarding – it allows our colleagues the opportunity to develop their professional skills whilst helping to provide better educational outcomes for students.

We would like to thank Governors for Schools for their training, guidance and professional development support for all our school governors throughout our continued relationship.

Rosin Sharkey, Rosin Murphy

Director, Head of Corporate Responsibility

About the role

School governors have 3 main responsibilities:

    • Planning the strategic direction of the school
    • Overseeing financial performance of the school and ensuring money is well spent
    • Holding the headteacher or school leadership to account

A school governor’s relationship with the school’s leadership team involves challenging existing processes to drive school improvement. School governors usually attend around six meetings per year. Although becoming a school governor requires drive and commitment, you’ll enjoy many professional and personal rewards, including career development opportunities and the chance to support young people’s futures.

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Watch this short animated video about the impact you can have in a governance role.

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As a KPMG employee, you’ll be given additional support in becoming a school governor through our partnership with Governors for Schools.

You will receive;

  • Free access to the Governors for Schools premium eLearning resource “Become an Effective New Governor” shortly after you apply.
  • Access to Governors for Schools Skills Development Tracker to track your development as a school governor and reflect on your time spent in role.
  • Access to additional training events such as the termly Business Governor Network and longer form training series designed to ensure you are up to date with the education sector

All volunteers will receive a named point of contact who will work with you to find you the right opportunity at a school needing someone with your experience and perspective. They will be more than happy to talk through any questions you may have about the role and the process.



Support for school governors

Our training and resources are there to get you up to speed, so that you’re effective from your first day in the role. Your professional experience at KPMG will benefit a school – rest assured that you don’t have to know all the acronyms by your first meeting.

The majority of volunteers placed by Governors for Schools are first time school governors. Bringing an external perspective to discussions is an important aspect of ensuring robust decision making.

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Register for upcoming webinars and watch back previous sessions.

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Complete our eLearning modules to gain an overview of what to expect as a school governor, along with key elements of the role, including finance and performance data.

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