Support children and school staff when they need it most. Become a governor and champion mental health, wellbeing, and physical activity at a local school.  

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What do wellbeing governors do? 

Link governors for wellbeing keep mental health and wellbeing on the agenda at their school. It’s their role to support a whole school approach to mental health and to provide the link between the school and governing board.  

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Who can be a wellbeing governor? 

 You don’t need any specific training or expertise to be a wellbeing governor.  

Use our free resources and guidance to find out everything you need to know about the role.

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Why do school boards need wellbeing governors?  

Wellbeing governors have a varied role, but their main responsibilities include…  

  • Making sure the school has appropriate mental health policies in place which are reviewed regularly
  • Acting as the link between the governing board and staff members, updating the board on how mental health and wellbeing support for staff and pupils is implemented 
  • Making sure that the school’s strategic plan includes improving, supporting, and responding to pupils’ and staff’s mental health
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