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Wellbeing governors champion mental health and wellbeing for the whole school. They keep mental health and wellbeing on the agenda by asking questions about the school’s provision and support.  

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Wellbeing webinars

How and why school governors should support staff mental health and wellbeing

Our first webinar of the term explored the wellbeing and mental health challenges school staff face, what the duties and expectations of governors are in addressing these, and how best to go about improving staff mental health and wellbeing from a strategic perspective. We were joined by an expert panel who shared their knowledge and experience in this area.

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What is staff mental health and wellbeing in a school setting?

Governors can help transform their schools’ approach to staff wellbeing and mental health. But before they can do so, governors need some underlying knowledge and understanding of the terminology and issues involved. Read this article to gain an understanding of the issues and terminology around staff mental health in a school setting.

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Why should governors care about school staff's mental health and wellbeing?

Teachers have an inherently stressful job, and school governors should understand their role to help mitigate these aspects. In return, governors can help create more positive working lives for teachers – and deliver better outcomes for pupils. So why is it important that governors take an interest in their school’s policies and culture concerning staff wellbeing?

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Questions for governors to introduce the topic of staff wellbeing and mental health

Asking questions is a key part of a governor’s role, so we’ve put together a list of questions governors can bring up in discussion with senior leadership at their school. While these questions are suggestions and are not exhaustive, the answers will enable governors to begin to understand what the school is doing now and potential areas for improvement.

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Designing a staff wellbeing strategy

An effective staff wellbeing strategy is built upon the specific requirements of your staff, and the feedback gathered from surveying staff knowledge and opinion. Read this article for tips on how to design an effective staff wellbeing strategy.

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School leadership and governors: improving staff wellbeing together

Governors are best able to provide support around mental health and wellbeing and work with them to ensure policies and culture are delivering for all staff, including leadership. Read this article for practical tips about how your governing board can prioritise staff wellbeing.

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Practical changes to improve staff wellbeing

Once policies have been created and wellbeing roles have been filled, there are many changes that schools can make that will have an impact on staff wellbeing. Read this article for ideas of simple and often low-cost ways to improve wellbeing culture at your school.

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Measuring Wellbeing: Mental Health Audits and Surveys

Creating an effective staff mental health and wellbeing strategy is reliant on two things: understanding the current provision, and understanding the needs and feelings of all staff members who will be relying upon it.

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Example staff wellbeing survey

We’ve put together an example survey for you to edit and make specific to your school. Use the template as a starting point for the kinds of questions and areas you should consider to improve staff wellbeing.

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