Boards Against Bullying aims to educate governors about issues surrounding bullying and provide resources to help them make a difference in schools.

As part of this mission, we’ve collated a range of links and resources below that may be of interest. We hope they are useful in enhancing your school’s anti-bullying strategy and provision.

Welcome to ‘Boards Against Bullying’

What’s ‘Boards Against Bullying’ all about? What resources are we releasing in conjunction with our anti-bullying partner organisations? How can you get involved? Find out everything you need to know in our launch article.

Governors’ role in preventing child-on-child abuse

The Key for School Governors have unlocked a useful resource focusing on what a governor’s role is in preventing child-on-child abuse. Take a look at the guidance and example questions to help your school leaders develop a culture where abuse is recognised but not tolerated, and understand how to monitor what your school puts in place.

Webinar: Tackling bullying in schools: roles and responsibilities of a school governor

Governors for Schools and Kidscape are hosting a webinar about how governors can develop effective responses to bullying on Monday, November 14th. Sign up now or watch back on our website if you missed it. Expect detailed information about anti-bullying strategies and advice about building your confidence in this sensitive area of school life.

Governor Story: Penny Catchpole

We caught up with Penny Catchpole, Chair of Governors at The Westgate School, to discuss how her board has tackled bullying incidents and continues to nurture an inclusive, safe school environment. Read valuable insights from a governor with first-hand experience of anti-bullying work.

BulliesOut anti-bullying strategies

BulliesOut is one of the UK’s leading anti-bullying charities. The following document provides tips and advice from the organisation about how to adopt a whole-school approach to anti-bullying and implement peer support programmes to complement in-school adult support provisions.

Short read: How can governors tackle online bullying in schools?

School bullying patterns have evolved in recent years. Read our article with Digital Safety experts Smoothwall to find out more about how you can address cyber bullying.

What does an effective anti-bullying strategy look like?

Read our guest article written by Mark Holliday, Deputy Head of Education Inclusion & Participation in the London Borough of Wandsworth who discusses anti-bullying strategies.

Long read: Questions for Governors about anti-bullying. Brought to you as part of #BoardsAgainstBullying

We’ve curated a list of questions about childhood bullying which can be asked to help inform your approach to responding to bullying in school.

Free eLearning: Anti-bullying: the role of governance

You can enroll for free on our interactive eLearning module. Ideal for those looking for an overview of anti-bullying strategies, legislation, and questions to ask your school leaders.

Short read: Busting myths and misconceptions about bullying

Bullying behaviours are endemic across the education system, with almost a third of school leaders reporting that child-on-child abuse occurs at least twice a week in their schools. Despite the high prevalence of bullying, myths continue to circulate about why abusive behaviour occurs and how to address it. To help clear up any confusion and ensure governors don’t fall into common traps when addressing bullying, we’ve busted a few common misconceptions in this article.

Breaking the cycle: How can governors help schools identify and address problems at home?

When drawing up anti-bullying strategies, school leaders and governors often lend much support to pupils on the receiving end of abusive behaviours. However, the reasons why children and young people engage in bullying tactics are complex and can indicate deeper issues affecting their families and home lives. What can governors do? Read on to find out.

Short read: Celebrating our ‘Boards Against Bullying’ campaign

As ‘Boards Against Bullying‘ draws to a close, we summarise the main elements of the campaign in this short, digestible overview.