My Governor Story – Sarah Amissah

Sarah Amissah is a Vice Chair of Governors at Laycock Primary School in North London and works as a Computing Curriculum Coordinator within Islington.

How can schools nurture resilient students through wellbeing initiatives?

It’s undeniable that today’s young people are facing a time of turbulence and uncertainty, particularly following the disruption caused by COVID-19. As well as dealing with the aftermath of isolating lockdowns, young people are increasingly exposed to anxiety-inducing news stories and household pressures. In fact, the Sutton Trust recently flagged…

All pupils, every ambition Term 2: Future work

The second term of our campaign ‘All pupils, every ambition’ launches today and focuses on what governors can do to help prepare young people for the world of work. We’ll explore the concept of employability, and how schools can best help pupils develop skills that will equip…

What skills do schools need on boards?

A school board functions best with a variety of professional backgrounds and lived experiences around the table. But while finance, HR, and legal skills are all great additions, they’re not the only skills boards need. It’s true that the most requested skills from schools are finance, education, and HR. Headteachers…

As an increasing attainment gap is becoming evident in the classroom – how can you help schools to ensure all pupils meet their potential?

With the pandemic stretching beyond 2020 and the aftermath of school closures still being keenly felt in communities across England and Wales, now is a critical time to make sure all pupils are given the best opportunities to develop and achieve.  Pre-pandemic studies by Education Policy Institute show that the attainment gap between children from lower-income and…

A case for remote governance and ‘blended’ boards of governors

Editor’s note: this article is longer than our usual posts but we wanted to include a diverse set of opinions and perspectives on the concept. Remote governance, or flexi-governance, is a model of school governance that allows for at least a minority of board members to attend meetings remotely.

How does school staff mental health affect pupil mental health? 

The mental health and wellbeing of school staff and their pupils is closely linked. If teachers and school staff work in an environment where wellbeing is prioritised and they feel supported and valued, their pupils will also reap the benefits. So how can schools go about this,…

What is staff mental health and wellbeing in a school setting? 

Governors can help transform their schools’ approach to staff wellbeing and mental health. But before they can do so, governors need some underlying knowledge and understanding of the terminology and issues involved.  The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which every…

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